Sunday, November 13, 2011

This Week and Next

Remember we will not meet this week. This week is the COMMunity Fair, and the rest of the week is yours to work on your COMMunity Fair paper (also called "service learning reflection paper assignment" on your syllabus) and rhetorical analyses. I have posted a word document regarding the paper for the COMMunity Fair to Blackboard under "Course Content."

COMMunity Fair
Tues, Nov. 15th from 8am-4pm in the 1 o' clock lounge. Unless you are staffing you do not need to be here, but I do encourage you to swing by and check out the product of all your work! Some other reminders/notes for specific groups:

  • Booth Design groups have your materials in my office (GAB 322) by Monday. If this doesn't happen, your group will not receive credit for the assignment. If for any reason my office is closed, then bring the materials by GAB 301 or the Department of Communication Studies main office. Also, if you have designed an interactive activity, you need to create the directions for it, so I can pass it on to the staffing  group. Email that to me by Monday.
  • Staffing make sure you know your material - as I have mentioned in class, Blackboard has a folder with the research from the Social Issue Group and Organization Group. Review this information. People will stop by (including other instructors from the Communication Studies department) and want to know what your table is all about. You need to be able to answer their questions. This will be a part of your grade.
  • Advertising make sure you are getting the word out. I saw the flyers around the GAB Friday - way to go! I then bragged to the other 1010 instructors that my students were advertising. :)
Next week (Nov. 21-Nov. 25):
We will be meeting the first day of the week to discuss the COMMunity Fair and the paper for the fair. Monday/Wednesday class, my course director approved a cyber class for us, so we do not actually have to show up for class Wednesday. I will give y'all the details on this Monday (11/21).

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  1. I went by on looked good! Kudos, guys!