Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Adjusting to College

The Counseling Center is having a free workshop titled "Adjustment to College."  Here is the information:

Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Student Counseling Center 311 Chestnut Hall
12:10 PM – 12:50 PM

College life is an adjustment no doubt about it. You have a lot of new things hitting you all at once and finding ways to help you deal with that is integral to getting through college. Take advantage of your campus resources aimed at helping you adjust to this new life.

Some questions:
1. Do you have any tips for coping with homesickness?
2. Do you know of any other resources that can help you cope with adjusting to college life?
3. If you aren't a new college student, what were your expectations of college and how did you deal with the reality of college life?


  1. Since I live only about an hour away, I have not really had to deal with homesickness. However, last year, I did not have my car up at school. I felt somewhat stranded. How I would suggest to those coping with homesickness would be to write letters. The whole email/Facebook business is nice and convenient, but getting a hand-written letter from mom or dad is worth a lot more. Well, at least it is to me.

    A resource I would urge people that are dealing with homesickness is Skype. The live web-chat via computers is awesome, much better than simply talking on the phone. This way, you can actually see the other person. What I have my mom do is hold up my dog so I can see her, too.(Don't judge me.)

    This is my second year of college, and honestly, my expectations were pretty much what happened in reality. I knew I would have to read all the chapters assigned, when the teacher assigned them. Tests were thorough. Papers were somewhat abundant. I dealt with my first year of college pretty well. Managing time was a definite key factor to my success during my first year.

  2. For homesickness,(agreeing with Stacey_Grant)Skype is the perfect solution. It's much better than a phone call because you can actually see the person, which makes it more personable. I am always on Sype with my best friends that are in Austin, Lubbock, and other various schools.

    I think adjusting to college is as simple as establishing yourself as a person. Get to know your classmates and roommates (if you have any). Also go to all of the events on campus, like the football games. So I guess I'm saying take advantage of all the resources around you. You will also be busier and won't think about missing home all the time. Stay active!

    I am a first year student, so the last question I can't really answer!

  3. I live right down the street from my home, but since my mom wanted me to get the "full college experience" I am staying on campus! Which I love. Now even though my family is right down the street I still do get a little homesick. The ways that I cope with "homesickness is 1. I stay in touch with my family, weather it be from texting or as mentioned above, "Skyping". 2. I would suggest finding someone maybe from the same area or city as you that might be possibly be dealing with the same kind of feeling that you are, and become friends with them. So then, maybe if not only will you have a new friend but also you guys can be there and support each other, and be there.3. I would stay active. I believe that if you stay in your room and mope about your family and being homesick it will only get worse but if your out maybe at the recreation center or just sitting in the lobby and hanging it will take your mind off of whats bothering you.

    I really don't know any resources except maybe the recreation center. if your active, like me, and the recreation center has tons of sports clubs etc., that will definitely keep you busy and your mind occupied.

    I am a first year student!:)

    Jerra Rivers Section #: 11

  4. I know homesickness is really not the best feeling in the world, but think about it this way - it's kind of a compliment to your friends/family, right? I'm a sophomore, but I still remember the days following moving to college with great detail. I didn't know anyone at this school, and I live around 6 1/2 hours away, so driving home was not really the best option. One tip that I give out to my friends who are freshmen is to stay busy! Join a great club that interests you, like maybe NTTV (shameless plug)! Go to events that are being held on-campus, find off-campus communities that interest you (comedy groups, church groups, etc). One other thing that I highly suggest if you're living in the dorms is to get OUT of your dorm room if you're lonely. Go downstairs and hang in the lobby! Strike up a conversation with someone, they'll most likely be doing the same thing you are! I met some of my best friends this way.

    As for my expectations of college, I had a couple. Like most entering freshmen do. But they were mostly kind of negative, not in a depressing "I hate college" kind of way, but just unsure of what people would be like. I was nervous about whether people were going to be rude, or obnoxious, or standoff-ish. When I started meeting people here though, I noticed that almost every person I met was extremely nice, funny, and just wanted to make new friends also. Of course you're going to have the few people who irk you, but hey, just ignore them. Missing you're family and friends is not a bad thing. It's normal. But college is about new experiences, new learnings, and new friends. So don't keep yourself hidden from them in your dorm room!

  5. adjusting to college is a huge step for most people. i know it was for me. balancing classes, homework, sleep, a job, and a social life is a hard thing to do. i heard once that the three most important things you can have in college is good grades, sleep, and a social life, but you can only choose 2...
    anyway i hope that i can learn to find time for all these things so i can have a great time here at UNT.

  6. 1. One thing that really helped me with homesickness the first semester away was a "Home" playlist to listen to whenever I was down. Everyone has songs that remind them of certain people or just make you feel better.
    2. Another suggestion is DON'T HERMIT! It's really easy to just hang out inside your dorm or apartment and to not get out of your comfort zone to meet new people. The first couple of weeks of school there are all kinds of events going on. Even if you think they're silly, or just for freshmen (as a transfer student), go and meet people!
    3. I'm still waiting to be "cool." When I was in highschool, all the college kids I knew were Super Cool. Now being on the other side, I still wonder every once in a while when that coolness happens...

  7. 1. Homesickness. Skype is the greatest thing that has ever been invented. if you are feeling down, skype with your family. It helps. I PROMISE. Also, set up a weekend a month where you go home or your family comes to visit.
    2. Just like Miriam said, DO NOT BE A HERMIT!! Go outside, get some sunshine, get a coffee, get INVOLVED. I promise, it will help you so much.
    3. No one really gives a crap about what you wear to class as long as you don't stink really bad. You do have to study and read the 1000 pages your professor told you to read. Partying the night before a test is not smart. Sleeping on your books will not make you smarter.
    && i'm still waiting for the coolness too...!

    Those are a few tips :)

  8. It may be easier said than done, but immerse yourself in everything that you can. It helps pass the time and before you know it you are integrated and not homesick. Just be yourself and find a group of friends that fit for you you can be super cool to your own group thats all you really need.

  9. 1. Homesickness hasn't been an issue of mine, but there are many ways that will help you cope with it if it is an issue of yours. One way is to just simply make a phone call to a loved one. Simply hearing their voice can be enough in some cases. Another way is to use Skype. Using this allows you to see and talk to someone who could possibly be across the world.
    2. Other resources to help you cope can be visiting the counseling center. They can help you with all your needs. Also, getting out and meeting new friends is a great way to help you cope.
    3. In my case, college has completely lived up to the hype. I love every minute of it. It is crucial you stay on top of your school work though. College isnt just about partying!