Monday, December 12, 2011

Final Grades and Blog

I hope your finals week is going well...well enough for finals week that is. I am posting to wrap up a few things for everyone.

Final Grades

I have approximately a week to post final grades. Not only do I have to post your grades, but I also have to post grades for my other 1010 class and grade research projects for an upper-level communication class. In addition, I have to complete my own work for my graduate classes. What this means is that I cannot personally let you know when I will post grades or what your final grades are. That will be your job. Check Blackboard throughout the week for grade updates. All that is left to input is your final participation grade and deductions for absences. Have patience, your grades will be posted.


The blog is closed for participation comments. I appreciate your participation in this new project and providing your feedback on it. Many of your comments were very helpful and will definitely help me in my future teaching endeavors. Your blog participation is a factor in your final participation grade though it doesn't make up your entire participation grade. I have made the blog a part of your participation grade because while it does not have a huge impact on your grade, making it a part of your grade actually encourages participation. While I am sure some of you would participate if this wasn't part of your grade, I imagine many or most of you would not, hence why I have to factor it into your grade in some way.


The results are in and one section will be getting 10 extra points. The question is which section...(insert dramatic pause)...section 027, or the Tuesday/Thursday class, will receive 10 extra points on their overall grade for 90% of the class taking the SETE. To my other section, I am sorry that y'all didn't make the 90% as I know many of you did take it. I wish I could give y'all individual credit, but unfortunately the SETE is not set up that way.

Final Thoughts

I have thoroughly enjoyed my 1010 classes this semester. Both sections have contained a wonderful group of smart, motivated, and engaging students. I haven't had this much fun with 1010 classes before and y'all were great. I just hope my next classes can live up to y'all!

Best of luck on finals and in your future endeavors. Enjoy your holidays - relax and watch copious amounts of Netflix - at least that's my plan. :)

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